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Jacob's Wonderbar

Blend: darker roastAROMAS: Dark Chocolate, Smoke, Nuts
Named in honor of Phil's only son, Jacob. Each memorable sip boasts delicious layers of nuts and chocolate filled with a full-bodied flavor. Jacob's Wonderbar has become a dark roast favorite
$20.00/ 1lb

Luca's Unplugged Decaf

Blend: darker roastAROMAS: Semi-sweet Chocolate and Dried Plum
Named in honor of Jacob’s son, Luca. This darker decaf blend packs bold flavors of semi-sweet chocolate, cloves and dried plum. It’s the perfect cup to unwind with anytime of day. Decaffeinated using the Swiss Water Process.
$20.00/ 1lb


Blend: medium roastAROMAS: Caramel, Nuts, Butter
Seven years in the making and the first blend created by Phil himself, the Tesora is the quintessential Philz blend. If it is your first time visiting Philz coffee, we highly recommend you order our Tesora blend the Philz Way.
$20.00/ 1lb

Ambrosia Coffee of God

Blend: lighter roastAROMAS: Blackberry, Grape, Toast
Few coffees deliver the layers of complexity that can be found in Ambrosia Coffee of God, commonly referred to as simply Ambrosia. Fruity notes and caramel sweetness compliment subtle flavors of bergamot and black tea
$20.00/ 1lb

Aromatic Arabic

Blend: darker roastAROMAS: Smoke, Walnut, Earth
A bold and luxurious layer of Arabian coffee makes this blend smooth and strong with a full-bodied finish. Due to its accessibility, it has become a favorite blend for morning coffee drinkers.
$20.00/ 1lb

Dancing Water

Blend: lighter roastAROMAS: Milk Chocolate, Grains, Cashew
Like a ballet on your palate, Dancing Water is as smooth and delicate as the water that sustains life. Graceful notes of chocolate are paired with flavors of molasses and nuts. More captivating than a water show in Vegas!
$20.00/ 1lb


Blend: darker roastAROMAS: Chocolate, Syrup, Caramel
We use this blend to make our Ecstatic Iced Coffee, which is the base of all of our specialty iced coffee drinks. A balanced combination of bittersweet cocoa, it pairs nicely with cream and sugar. Try it as iced coffee or your favorite way at home!
$20.00/ 1 lb


Blend: darker roastAROMAS: Toffee, Cherry, Cinnamon
Among the darkest blends available at Philz. Appropriately named, this blend is not for the faint of heart. The Ether blend is smooth and well-rounded with an array of smoky tones in the finish
$20.00/ 1lb

Greater Alarm

Blend: lighter roastAROMAS: Cashew, Pineapple, Cocoa
Created in honor of our beloved San Francisco Fire Department and all the firefighters for their hard work, dedication, and character. Consisting of uplifting tropical fruit notes, this coffee will keep you alert for anything and everything.
$20.00/ 1lb

Julie's Ultimate

Blend: medium roastAROMAS: Toast, Berry, Vanilla
After Julie's first sip of this exclusively medium blend, she had found her ultimate cup of coffee. Julie's Ultimate is complexly smooth and satisfying with floral highlights and is often called the classiest of the classy blend by our coffee drinkers
$20.00/ 1lb

New Manhattan

Blend: lighter roastAROMAS: Citrus, Cherry, Floral
One of our new blends filled with energetic flavors that cater to the serious coffee lover. New Manhattan is coupled with a floral aroma and a wine-like, earthy taste that will ensure you start your day off right. Classy and refreshing.
$20.00/ 1lb


Blend: medium roastAROMAS: Cardamom, Maple, Earth
The Philharmonic's delightfully orchestrated warm and balanced tones perform symphonies on the tongues of devoted coffee followers and the adventurous. If ordered in our stores, you can order with Cardamom.
$20.00/ 1lb

Philtered Soul

Blend: medium roastAROMAS: Hazelnut Flavor, Chocolate
Philtered Soul has distinctively nutty flavors with a satisfying aftertaste that's sure to please your soul. It's become the blend of choice for many who frequent our cafes. Contains an artificial hazelnut flavor.
$20.00/ 1lb

Silken Splendor

Blend: medium roastAROMAS: Dark Cocoa, Citrus, Butterscotch
Warm vibrant tones of roasted nuts enhance Silken Splendor's toasty aroma. Equally captivating is the complement of the silken texture as the name implies. This flawless cup of splendor is proudly the latest addition to Philz' signature coffees.
$20.00/ 1lb

Tantalizing Turkish

Blend: darker roastAROMAS: Cardamom, Herbs, Tobacco
Tantalizing Turkish is exceptionally flavorful and unique due to its intensely rich and familiar characteristics of traditional Turkish coffee. If you would like to experience this coffee how we brew it in our stores, add Cardamom to the grounds before brewing.
$20.00/ 1lb


Blend: medium roastAROMAS: Hazelnut Flavor, Almond, Milk Chocolate
As the name implies, our Hazelnut provides its namesake flavor along with a rich and creamy body. Its aroma is sure to warm your soul and put a smile on your face. Contains an artificial hazelnut flavor
$20.00/ 1lb